What We Do


Building a Career Through Education

Choosing a career and going to college is a daunting challenge that strikes fear in many, especially those like myself, who, at a young age, had family obligations that required me to focus solely on making money.


Contributing to Social & Environmental Justice

My advice for new students is to put in the time early. Subjects like math & science build upon themselves. Putting in the time to learn the basics the first time around, in those 100-level courses, will save you so much time.


Achieving an MBA to Support Native Communities

For future MBA students, pace yourself and make the most of the classes in your day to day work in the real world. Readily seeing how graduate class theories and best practices can jump out in your daily operations and business goals.


A Leader Within Her Community

Whether you’re preparing a startup, assessing internal controls, or looking for financial strategies that will compound and help your business grow, we’re here to lend our decades of experience.


Nursing: A Lifelong Dream

I can hardly believe I am at the end of my Associate’s Degree in Nursing.  A lifelong dream comes true.


Becoming an Alaska Native Educator

I wanted to become an Elementary Teacher and represent our people as an Alaska Native educator where our representation is much needed.


A Desire to Heal Others

Without these funds and all the encouragement, I wouldnʼt have been able to fulfill my goal of becoming a Massage Therapist. Iʼm thankful for the connections Iʼve made and the opportunities Iʼve been given along the way.


Microbiology and the Future of Plants

Now graduating with my B.S. in Molecular Biology, I am planning on pursuing my Ph.D. in Biochemistry with a focus on the development of plants in microgravity.