Kellen Hawley

Recipient of the CHF College and Graduate/Ph.D. scholarship programs.

Degree Program

  • Bachelor of Arts - Health & Physical Education, Southern Oregon University, 2012
  • Master's of Education - Integrated Arts Elementary Education, Portland State University, 2019

My name is Kellen Hawley, a proud descendent and tribal member of the Native Village of Eyak. I want to thank the Chugach Heritage Foundation for being a strong supporter in my path to become the educated working professional I am today. From the very beginning of my higher education journey starting in 2006, CHF has been there providing incredible encouragement as well as crucial funding for me to complete my education goals. I completed my undergraduate degree in 2012 at Southern Oregon University and CHF was a major part of that success. Several years later, in 2018, I embarked on a mission to obtain my Master's in Education at Portland State University. I wanted to become an Elementary Teacher and represent our people as an Alaska Native educator where our representation is much needed. CHF helped make this dream a reality by granting me the Graduate Scholarship. With all this said, my advice for new students entering any educational or vocational program in their nearing future is to believe in yourself! Believe in a better future where you are doing the work you have always wanted to do. Take the leap and bet on yourself. You will have the CHF Board and members helping you in so many ways in addition to the funding. They help you remain accountable to your commitment in achieving your certificate or licensure or whatever you are set out to accomplish. The CHF naturally instills the pride of our Alaska Native people and community distinguish in you. Their unwavering support will help propel you towards accomplishing your goals!