Self-Determination Through Education and Pride in Our People

Chugach Heritage Foundation is a non-profit that provides scholarships to Chugach Alaska Corporation Original Shareholders and Lineal Descendants and works to utilize, preserve, and promote the cultural heritage of the Chugach region.

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25+ Years

Nuuciq Spirit Camp

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Hosting the Russian New Year Celebration

Scholarship Programs

We offer scholarships to support students seeking college degrees, vocational trainings/certificates. Check application deadlines and apply today.

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Nuuciq Spirit Camp

The children and elders of the Chugach people come together each year on their ancestral island to relive their heritage. Learn more about the program and apply to join this beautiful journey.

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Cultural Programs

CHF puts on a number of cultural programs and workshops throughout the year, punctuated annually by the joyful bombast of Russian New Year. Discover upcoming programs here.

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Success Stories


Microbiology and the Future of Plants

Now graduating with my B.S. in Molecular Biology, I am planning on pursuing my Ph.D. in Biochemistry with a focus on the development of plants in microgravity.


A Desire to Heal Others

Without these funds and all the encouragement, I wouldnʼt have been able to fulfill my goal of becoming a Massage Therapist. Iʼm thankful for the connections Iʼve made and the opportunities Iʼve been given along the way.


Becoming an Alaska Native Educator

I wanted to become an Elementary Teacher and represent our people as an Alaska Native educator where our representation is much needed.