Nuuciq Spirit Camp

The regional cultural camp is located in the Prince William Sound on Hinchinbrook Island. The camp is hosted every year for two, one-week sessions in July. Every summer, the camp is held on the historical village site of Nuchek to provide opportunities for students, elders, and instructors to share and learn the native arts, lifestyle and language of the Chugach region.

Nuuciq Spirit Camp 2024!

The Nuuciq Spirit Camp 2024 applications are live! Camp dates will be held between July 6th and July 20th. Before submitting your applications, please consider the following changes, requirements, and session dates for camp this year:

  • Session 1: July 6th   – July 13th
  • Session 2: July 13th – July 20th
  • Proof of COVID-19 vaccination will not be required to attend camp. We will continue to monitor current CDC recommended guidelines for testing.
  • Safety will remain a priority, please take into consideration any travel restrictions for your respective community.
  • Camp participant ages will be 12-17

Youth applications can be submitted through our online application system using the link below.

Applicants 18 years of age and older who are interested in employment opportunities or volunteering their time and knowledge may submit the attached “Adult” application form below and return to

For Elders of the Chugach Region, please complete the “Elder” application form below and return to

NOTE: If you have any difficulties opening the “Adult” or “Elder” applications, we suggest opening the the documents in a new tab. If you have any further difficulties, please reach out to us at or 907-261-0300.

Youth Application
Adult Application
Elder Application

Thank you to our Nuuciq Spirit Camp 2023 Donors!

About the Camp

Nuuciq Spirit Camp has been in operation since 1995. It recently transitioned to the Chugach Heritage Foundation in 2016. The CAC Cultural Resources Department partner each year to host the annual program. The classes offered during camp include traditional kayak building, traditional dance, Sugt’stun & Eyak language, subsistence, beading & fur sewing.

Shareholders and Descendants interested in attending camp and participating in classes may sign up as a volunteer or youth participant. Youth applications for descendants 17 and younger are now available online.

The camp also has a variety of job opportunities and you can now apply online through CHF’s job board. Positions available during camp include Program Coordinator Team, Traditional Counselor, Kitchen Assistant, Youth Coordinator and Camp Attendant.

Nuuciq Spirit Camp

Old Village of Nuuciq

The old village of Nuuciq is located on an 800-acre island at the entrance to Prince William Sound. In the late 1790’s, the Russians came to this area and built a fortress and trading center that served all of Southcentral Alaska. This center was called Fort Saint Constantine and Helen.

At one time, this area was claimed by many nations. The Russians claimed this area by burying a bronze plate with a double-headed eagle. The Spaniards claimed this area by erecting a large cross. The English buried a wine bottle with coins and the Americans hoisted a flag. Now Nuchek is owned and controlled by the original landlords – the Chugach People.

Nuuciq is once again coming alive and emerging out of the history books as a location of beauty, history, and cultural pride. For over 25 years the Nuuciq Spirit camp has brought together the young and old in celebration of our thousands of years of occupation as the original settlers of this great land. The younger generation is coming from every community within our region to learn from the past and to enjoy the new friendship they have made.

In recent years Nuuciq has grown in leaps and bounds. Our ancestors would have been proud to see a village grow out of the ruins of the past with such a great opportunity for the future generations.