Kiana Gorla

Recipient of the CHF Vocational scholarship program.

Degree Program

  • Massage Therapy Certificate/License, Lane Community College, 2020

Iʼm very humbled and honored to have received multiple Vocational scholarships from CHF. With their help I was able to attend Lane Community Colleges Massage Therapy Program. Throughout the course of the program, I was able to explore multiple modalities and techniques of massage as well as gain knowledge in Anatomy and Physiology, Kinesiology and multiple business and ethics classes. I expanded my knowledge around the different systems of our bodies and how they influence us in everyday life. Despite this yearʼs past events I was able to finish my last term online strong and with an abundant amount of success. Now I set forth on my journey to become a licensed Massage Therapist and dive into my career. Iʼm beyond thankful for the time and effort from Stephen and all the other staff at CHF for this opportunity and helping me achieve my goal. I would also like to thank my Grandmother Faye Allen, for helping me connect with everyone and push me to pursue my goals and aspirations. Iʼve always been proud to be an Alaskan Native and telling others about my community. I encourage all to pursue their aspirations and reach out to Stephen in the Scholarship department and he will guide you along your journey- just like he did for me. Without these funds and all the encouragement, I wouldnʼt have been able to fulfill my goal of becoming a Massage Therapist. Iʼm thankful for the connections Iʼve made and the opportunities Iʼve been given along the way.