Raven Madison

Recipient of the CHF College and Graduate/Ph.D. scholarship programs.

Degree Program

  • Bachelor of Arts - Health & Physical Education, Southern Oregon University, 2012
  • Master's of Education - Integrated Arts Elementary Education, Portland State University, 2019

Iishuh! (Hello!)
Raven Madison Adu’xdA’eh. (My name is Raven Madison.)
I am graduating this December from the University of Alaska Fairbanks
with a bachelor degree in Rural Development concentrating on Natural
Resource Management and minoring in Alaska Native Studies. I am the
first of my family to graduate with a degree. Currently I work for The
Eyak Corporation, as the Administrative Assistant, which has allowed me
to gain skills in all areas of business. I have a passion for and a
background working on the issues of blood quantum, natural resource
management like marine mammals and fisheries, and sustainable
economic development. The Department of Rural Development and
Alaska Native Studies programs prepare students to give back to their
communities, to stay involved, be leaders, and preserve culture. I want
to thank the Chugach Heritage Foundation for helping me pursue my
education. This scholarship has allowed me to be a dedicated student
and community member, helping me aspire towards my Native heritage
and culture. I plan to keep working on revitalizing and preserving my
culture while sharing my knowledge.
AwA’ ahdah (Thank you)