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2015-2016 CHF Returning Student Scholarship - Graduate Application

All application fields must be completed or your application may not be considered. If you have any questions completing the application, you may call the CHF office for assistance.

A. Application Status

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B. Applicant Information

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C. College Information

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D. Affiliation Disclosure

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E. Upload Your Documents

Instructions: Uploading these documents is OPTIONAL, but preferred. If you currently don't have these documents electronically you will need to email them or fax them to CHF as soon as possible to complete the application process.

Official Transcripts:
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(You may upload these file formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, xsl, xslx, and csv.) MAX FILE SIZE is 2 megabytes.

Class Schedule:
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(To include credit hours and be signed by your academic advisor. You may upload these file formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, xsl, xslx, and csv.) MAX FILE SIZE is 2 megabytes.

Degree Planning Sheet:
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(Must show all courses required to graduate. You may upload these file formats: pdf, doc, docx, txt, xsl, xslx, and csv.) MAX FILE SIZE is 2 megabytes.

F. Use of Funds & Check Disbursement

Use of Funds
I understand that the proceeds of the scholarship, if approved, will be used to further my education in the degree program where I am enrolled and for the period of time indicated in the guidelines as approved by the Foundation. You will be funded up to full-time status determined by the registration form you provide.

Check Disbursement
• Scholarship checks are issued to the school on behalf of the student.
• Any scholarship funds remaining after tuition, books, and fees have been paid will be issued to the student from the school for associated living and educational costs while attending school.
• Funding for subsequent terms will not be issued until student submits an unofficial transcript showing successful completion of previous term’s course work, and a class schedule (to include credit hours) for the following term that must be signed off by the student’s academic advisor.
• Upon receipt of completed application packet a check will be issued to the school. Please allow two to three weeks for your scholarship award to be processed once ALL required documentation has been received.

G. Privacy Disclosure

Chugach Heritage Foundation (CHF) uses appropriate security measures to protect your personal information. By submitting your scholarship application, you authorize CHF to share your information with Chugach Alaska Corporation and its businesses (CAC) for employment and training purposes. Representatives of these entities may be in contact with you. CHF will not share any of your personal information outside CAC.

H. Statement of Correctness, Understanding, and Authorization

Grade Transcripts
I understand that immediately upon completion of the semester or term, I shall submit an unofficial copy of my transcript, to the Chugach Heritage Foundation to verify completion of the courses of study for which the award was made. Funding for any subsequent term will be forfeited if the class schedule and transcripts are not received within 4 weeks after the term begins.

Successful Completion of CHF Funded Course Work:
By accepting scholarship funding the student agrees to successfully complete all courses for which funding is provided. Successful completion is defined by earning a minimum “C” grade for each course funded by CHF. Failure to meet this obligation will place the recipient’s scholarship on hold.

Holds may be released by one of the following options –
1) Contact the Scholarship Manager to request placement on probationary status during which CHF funding will continue. Student must submit in writing (email or hard copy) a minimum 1 page explanation of the circumstance(s) which resulted in failure to meet obligations. The Scholarship Manager will then make a decision regarding award of probationary status.
2) Repayment to CHF the portion of funding associated with any unsuccessfully completed course work.
Note: This option may only be considered if the credit discrepancy is less than half of the minimum full-time requirements as stated by the institution.
3) Use student’s own funding to successfully complete the CHF funded course deficiency.

It is up the student to promptly notify the CHF office should the above completion requirements not be met. Failure to do so could lead to severe delays in the student’s scholarship award process, and/or their award may be forfeited for the term.

CAC Descendant Registration
If lineal descendant or Original CAC Shareholder, applicant must complete the descendant registration form at under Shareholders click Descendant Registration. Please contact Shareholder Services (907-563-8866) with any questions regarding the registration process.

Notes: For applicants who have already submitted their birth certificates and/or CDIB with CHF, you do not need to submit another copy with the Descendant Registration form. Once applicants have completed their registration, they will not need to complete this process again with future scholarship applications. Statement of Correctness and Understanding

I have read and understand the above “CHF College Scholarship Application” and I agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the scholarship. I understand the deadline policy. Scholarship decisions are not subject to appeal. I hereby attest that the information which I have provided and which is contained in this application is true, correct and complete.

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