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Chugach Shareholders and Descendants,

CHF has many programs to offer you for Scholarships, Cultural Programs, and Cultural Events. Please take a look around our website at the many things we offer.

The Chugach Heritage Foundation (CHF) incorporated as a non-profit foundation in the State of Alaska to promote three goals:

  1. To discover, record, preserve, and promote knowledge and public awareness of the Native cultures of the Chugach Region, namely the history, languages, customs, arts, and achievements of the people of the Chugach Region;
  2. To provide scholarships to encourage the educational pursuits of Alaska Native children and adults who are enrolled in the Chugach Region through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, as amended, and their descendents; and
  3. To study the needs and aspirations of Native people of the Chugach Region as their awareness of Native culture and conflict grows and changes.




 Student Spotlight On

Terri Draper
I currently have a Master's degree in psychology and am in my fourth year of study in a clinical psychology doctoral program at Pacific University. Next year I will complete my final year of training as a psychology intern at the Indian Health Board of Minneapolis. I am scheduled to graduate from Pacific University with a doctorate of psychology (PsyD) in 2013. My primary goal is to be of service to Native American and Alaska Native communities, through suicide prevention, substance abuse treatment, and healing from intergenerational trauma. I am extremely grateful to be a Chugach Scholarship recipient, which has encouraged me to pursue my ultimate education and career goals. Most of all, I am honored to work in Native communities and excited to represent Chugach to the best of my abilities. Thank you CHF!

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