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Chugach Shareholders and Descendants,

CHF has many programs to offer you for Scholarships, Cultural Programs, and Cultural Events. Please take a look around our website at the many things we offer.

The Chugach Heritage Foundation (CHF) incorporated as a non-profit foundation in the State of Alaska to promote three goals:

  1. To discover, record, preserve, and promote knowledge and public awareness of the Native cultures of the Chugach Region, namely the history, languages, customs, arts, and achievements of the people of the Chugach Region;
  2. To provide scholarships to encourage the educational pursuits of Alaska Native children and adults who are enrolled in the Chugach Region through the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act, as amended, and their descendents; and
  3. To study the needs and aspirations of Native people of the Chugach Region as their awareness of Native culture and conflict grows and changes.




 Student Spotlight On

Ana Andersen
The Chugach Heritage Foundation (CHF) has done more for me than most other scholarship recipients. I began my career here at Chugach as an intern with CHF in 2006. The internship taught me responsibility, time management, managerial skills, and how to use Microsoft CRM. CHF taught me the need for furthering my education. It taught me that no matter how tough it was for me to continue my education there were students out there struggling just as much if not more. There was this sense of camaraderie that I felt when interacting with the students. It gave me that drive to push through all of the noise and finish my Bachelor’s degree.

The experience that I had with CRM is what sealed the deal to get me going with the Business Development Unit (BDU) here at corporate. I have now had my title of Marketing Database Specialist for over a year. I am currently balancing typical marketing activities with writing SQL to create custom reports for the BDU CRM database.

I graduated with my Master’s in Business Administration this month and am so proud. This is not an achievement that many in my family have obtained, if any. The speech at the hooding ceremony stated that, “You, as a graduate, are not done. You are not a graduate but a scholar. You’re job from here on is to continually absorb the knowledge available around you.” With that said, I would like to continue to express my gratitude for CHF funding. This will assist me to pursue my SQL Server 2012 Certification.

Chugach has continually offered me the opportunity to grow as a shareholder but more importantly as an individual. And with that said, thank you.

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